Dan from Object Maker made the custom wedding bands for my daughter and future son-in-law. The rings were exactly as they requested them and my daughter commented on how easy and honest Dan was to deal with throughout the whole process.

Danny Cohen

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You’re getting married! Congratulations! Object Maker designs and crafts beautiful wedding rings, so you could say this too is a match made in heaven. We’re local artisans who specialise in custom jewellery pieces. We don’t mass-produce; we custom-build. Our family run jewellery atelier believes in face to face communication between clients and jewellers. At Object Maker, you won’t be speaking to sales representative at a counter, you’ll be interacting with the craftsman directly.That’s the Object Maker difference and it explains why our clients love their personalised wedding rings!

Browse the wedding band options in our design gallery. Choose a design and we can tailor the order to your specifications. Alternatively, you can opt for a complete custom jewellery piece. We’ll sit down with you to create a unique design to suit your vision and craft a one-of-a-kind wedding ring that is truly personal and meaningful.

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The Wedding Ring Experience

Design your very own wedding ring with an expert jeweller; that in a nutshell is what the Wedding Ring Experience is all about at Object Maker.

Designing your ring is a romantic way to give that special someone in your life the wedding ring of their dreams; a ring you helped design! Working with our artisans, you’ll select the materials, stones and precious metals to produce a one-of-kind wedding band.

Add to your special memories with the unforgettable experience of crafting your own wedding bands. Experience isn’t necessary. You’re in good in hands with our expert jeweller taking you through every step of the design process. To add to the occasion, we’ll photograph the design and build process and provide you with a keepsake album as another memento to cherish.

The Wedding Ring Creation Process

Wedding rings take one to four hours to complete (sometimes longer, but you can leave it with us to set stones or perform other complex tasks.)

  • 1 hour – $200
  • 2 hours – $350
  • 3 hours – $500
  • 4 hours – $650


Price From $880 AUD

Materials: 14ct rose gold, with silver, mokume gane. 

This finely detailed ring is a leading example of the versatility of mokume gane.

The marble pattern exhibited here has been condensed with such precision to be sure that even a finer band like this can hold high detail. This ring has also had a gentle acid etch to bring up the pattern slightly.

It’s got a rounded profile, with a deep comfort curve, and a rounded edge.


Price From $2800 AUD

Materials: platinum and sterling silver mokume gane.

The loosely open pattern comes across as a billowing cloud running across the bright blue sky.

What we found so remarkable about this pattern is that the combination of silver and platinum, tow white metals, that could contrast so well and we even went so far as to use a little acid etch to get the silver slightly lower, this was such a success because the pattern now totally pops out. for the lovers of white metal, this is a must and a one-off every single time.

Ruby Cross

Priced From $3000 AUD

Materials: Beautiful 18ct yellow gold wedding band, inlaid with a cross pattern each centered with a Madagascar pidgin blood ruby. This contemporary take on a traditional classic is a timelessly elegant piece that will stand out from the crowd. 

Gothic Tracery

Priced From $1700 AUD

Materials: Choose from diamond with gold or platinum.

A delicately crafted ring, this beautiful design was inspired by the gothic stonework most commonly seen in the windows of heritage structures.

You can see the points are evenly divided into four segments, and in between each is a little keystone that features a small diamond.

What a marvelous tribute to the artistic elegance of bygone periods. It’s a perfect way to signify the timelessness of commitment, and love.


Price From $7000 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum or mokume gane band, and diamond or sapphire stones arrayed like a beautiful flower blossom.

Inspired by the magnificent Eastern lotus flower, this ring offers the wearer both delicate detail, and strong security for bigger stone options.


Price From $2400 AUD

Materials: 14ct white gold, 9ct white gold, sterling silver mokume gane.

When you think of mokume gane, you don’t awlays think of scenery or landscapes.

Most of the time it resembles a very slight essence of something flowing and transient. this design resembles a storm, termultuas as some points, and calm in others, but all the while having differeing shades of grey and white. with its low profile, shallow comfort, and overall thin thickness, it is designed to delight with a story, but also go nearly unnoticed for the wearer.


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: 18ct yellow gold, 14ct rose gold, and silver mokume gane.

This majestic ring is quite simple in its execution, but so marvelously effective in its river like pattern.

Manufacture involves removing metal and forging the mokume billet to bring about a sleek and linear design. The join is decorated with a single golden bar, and the inside is sleeved with gold to seal the designs simplicity.

English Scroll

Price From $1700 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold with diamonds.

This beautifully designed vintage style ring is inspired by scroll design detailing in the art nouveau period.

Forged form a block and hand carved out by chisel and saw, this timeless ring suits any occasion. It boasts 6 delicately set 1.5mm diamonds, and can be adapted in pattern layout to fit any finger size.

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Browse our amazing collection of custom wedding bands featuring diamonds, fitted-wedding bands and traditional Japanese metal-smithing technique Mokume’ Gane’.

Wedding Experience

A novel way to enhance the purchase of a wedding ring… is to make it yourself with a trained master jeweller at the Object Maker studio!

Ring services

Ring re-sizing and repairs. Use your gold or stones from a vintage piece to create a new pair of wedding bands. It’s a unique way to turn the old into a new momento. 

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One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned business is that you can deal directly with the jeweller. At Object Maker, you're in touch with the craftsman who designs and assembles your jewellery. It's your opportunity to convey your exact needs, inform your jeweller on your unique style, inspirations, and receive expert advice from a specialist.

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