Object Maker are true artists. They created a one-of-a-king ring  that is simply stunning. I couldn’t be happier! They’re the best!

Marc Enners

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281 Clarence Street Sydney


0403 412 700

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Beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for that special moment. Tailor-made to your desires and to your budget.

Wedding Bands

Designed for lasting memories and every day wear. Comfortable, stunning and made to any specification.

Silver Rose

Propose with a unique silver rose and trade it in later for the ring of your dreams. An unforgettable to promise your love.


A beautiful way to show off spectacular stones. Match your pendants with custom earrings or rings at Object Maker.

We respond quickly to your enquiries

Typically, you can expect to have a jeweller get back to you within 24 hours, depending on workshop duties and the time of day. Breakfast, lunch and evening is when most enquiries are looked at.

Deal Directly With Our Jewellers

One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned jeweller, is that you can very easily deal directly with the jeweller that will be making your item. It’s quite a rare opportunity to talk directly with a manufacturing technician, so it’s a great moment for the customer to convey the exact details of their desired order, get sound advice, and be sure that there are no nasty surprises based on communication breakdowns!

Business Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00

After hours & weekend appointments available upon request.

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L2, Studio 2
281 Clarence St,
Sydney NSW 2000

0430 412 700