Daniel made two rings for my family and fixed a third for us. All three were absolutely amazing and I would go to him in a heartbeat for absolutely anything we needed done. Daniel is fantastic!

Caitlin Hale

Mokume gane is a technique of metal fabrication first developed by the master swordsmiths of 17th-century Japan. In the 20th century, a focus on industrialization and a shift away from traditional crafts, along with the great difficulty of mastering the art, brought mokume artisans almost to the brink of extinction. A new generation of master craftsmen is now reviving this ancient technique, as new technologies allow the use of non-traditional metals to produce effects never seen before.

The basic process involves fusing layers of different coloured metals together to form a billet, which is then cut, drilled, twisted and forged to produce different patterns within the body of the metal itself. As a piece is shaped to its final form, different layers of metal are revealed, producing a variety of unique patterns, which are not just on the surface but extend through the whole body of the piece. At Object Maker, we use predominantly gold and silver to produce rings and other pieces of jewellery

Please be aware that with this technique, although we follow the identical process whenever we make a specific pattern, even with the finest craftsmanship the result is slightly different every time. Each piece is a unique and irreplaceable work of art.

Le Petit Chocolat

A never before seen petit mokume gane engagement ring, featuring one of Australia’s own Argyle mined Chocolate Diamonds.

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This stunning Object Maker innovative design is made using mokume gane that has been skillfully forged out to produce up to three mokume patterns on the same ring (tiger at the back, star on the sides, and rope on the inside).The band is knife edge with a rounded back, and slight round on the inside for comfort. It has a chalice centre setting to safely secure an Australian Chocolate Diamond, and is a perfect choice for someone who wants a classic ring that’s still a total one-off work.


This pattern is the most widely available mokume gane pattern. It involves twisting a laminated billet to reveal both edge, and face of the billet on the same side.

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It is then joined and sandpapered to bring up each metals colour contrast. The ring has a rounded profile with a comfort curved inside.

Lux Spiralis

This marvelous creation is so unique that it almost looks like a one off work. There is a spiral of precious stones twisting around a central oval shaped Gem,

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the underside mirrors the spiral,It has a band that sweeps up to the setting in an open style, and a clean gold inner ring sleeve to seal it off. The rings band has a half round profile, and the inside is comfort curved for ease in wearing. Because of its diverse range of details, customers can customize colours extensively with one of our designers. This ring is also available in diamond.


This pattern is similar to the most widely available mokume gane pattern ‘Rope’. However, it involves an additional stage of manufacture.

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Along with twisting a laminated billet to reveal both edge, and face of the billet on the same side. It is also compressed at calculated points to show more or less metal to give the marbled effect. It is then joined and sandpapered to bring up each metals colour contrast. The ring has a rounded profile, with a comfort curved inside


This pattern is similar to the most widely available mokume gane pattern ‘Rope’. However, it involves an additional stage of manufacture.

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it is twisted and cut the entire way down the rod length in the centre to reveal a star pattern. It’s a simple process, but it’s one of the most challenging mokume patterns to achieve. Behind each complete star pattern ring is a highly skilled professional who is at the peak of their jewellery manufacturing career. The ring has a slight round profile, with a deep comfort curved inside.


The tiger pattern is a new innovation of Object Maker, it involves a mixture of complex technical metal fabrication methods to achieve.

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It is very much a once off ring every time, it has with swirls and patterns almost resembling a tiger’s stripes. What a beautiful way to represent commitment in marriage.


A remarkable geometric patter, the mosaic is a timeless rendition of traditional mokume gane patterning.

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It involves carving the billet to shape each part out, and forging it into a wearable ring. It has a beautiful little gold bar detail at the join, and is sealed with a gold sleeve on the inside. It has a flat profile with rounded edges, and the inside has a deep comfort curve.


In true bohemian fashion, this ring showcases a ‘diamond’ of mokume gane, resting on two French swirls.

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Its heavy taper and rounded profile band give it a counter weight so it won’t turn so much, this makes it a very comfortable ring to wear all year round!


This majestic ring is quite simple in its execution, but so marvelously effective in its river like pattern.

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Manufacture involves removing metal and forging the mokume billet to bring about a sleek and linear design. The join is decorated with a single golden bar, and the inside is sleeved with gold to seal the designs simplicity.

Fine Marble

This finely detailed ring is a leading example of the versatility of mokume gane. The marble pattern exhibited here has been condensed

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with such precision to be sure that even a finer band like this can hold high detail. This ring has also had a gentle acid etch to bring up the pattern slightly. It’s got a rounded profile, with a deep comfort curve, and a rounded edge.


There are few times in life where one gets the opportunity to enjoy such an individual artwork as this.

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The stone itself, is a Columbian emerald of significant size.
With its soft complexion, the memories around its body of a former owner, and subtle radiance, it will surly bring about a greater presence to the wearer. There is a small gift of pink diamonds either side, eight in total, subtle in colour also, perfect for the paisley vibe. The setting is made with an open style, simple and perfect, not too busy to detract from the stones, but enough detail to delight the viewer. The band has been flourished with a traditional Japanese technique of metal fabrication called ‘mokume gane’ just to add an extra hint of subtle detail. It’s a ring full of little secrets that only the owner would know and love, almost as though he had a cheeky and proud personality.
Platinum and yellow gold setting,
14ct white gold/ 14ct rose gold/ silver mokume gane band.
Pink diamond
Columbian emerald.

Duality Twist

These cufflinks are ideal for someone who loves something a little different.

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Each link features a square face on the front and a narrower rear curved face. These can be reversed for a change of style from day to day. The post is formed from a nicely twisted wire—a secret detail that only the wearer will know and appreciate. The mokume gane face plates are tightly patterned in 2 to 4 different metals to maximise detail.
Great for the office and also for more formal events.

Shield Mokume Gane Cufflinks

These cufflinks anchor a more reserved and traditional look. The sleek, flat profile provides a subtle highlight on the wrist,

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while the mokume gane pattern in 2 to 4 different metals gives an individual touch from an ancient art form—unique, yet not overstated.

Single Mokume Gane Earring

With the ancient technique of metal layering, each of these earrings is a unique work of art.

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The form is designed to hug your ear to reduce movement and give comfort throughout the day.

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