Absolutely loved our experience with Daniel at Object Maker! My partner wanted to create an engagement ring, and Daniel took the time to help him create something unique and meaningful, including him in the entire process.


Ring Service & Repair


As experienced custom jewellers, we often get requests to repair vintage pieces or family heirlooms. Every ring repair or pendant restoration is a different task. To give you an accurate quote, we will need to see the item, via photographs, or better still, up close.

A picture is worth a thousand words

High resolution photographs of the piece to be restored will allow us to accurately quote on the work. In some instances, we may ask you to drop it in so we can take a closer look. The good news? Most
damage can be repaired!

We consult with you before we repair

Before we undertake any repair work, we will consult with you. If the restoration project proves risky and could endanger the integrity of the jewellery piece, we will review the case with you and discuss the pros and cons before we move forward.

We’re very confident in our repair capabilities. If there’s a way to repair your jewellery, we’ll find the best way to do it.


Ring resizing is a more routine procedure. In most cases, we will still need to see the ring or a good quality photograph to assess the task at hand before we submit an estimate.

Heat-sensitive jewellery

This is especially true for heat-sensitive stones such as amethyst, emeralds, pearls or opals – or for pieces featuring a heavy gold setting. (Should the ring shank need to be enlarged by more than 5 or 8 sizes, this could pose a risk to the stone.)

Size reductions

For rings with multiple stones where the intention is to go down many sizes, there is a risk that the settings can loosened which could lead to stones falling off the ring.

It’s therefore important to perform these repairs with a trusted professional. Meet us in store to gauge our abilities. We look forward to explaining the repair process and person and to set your mind at ease.

Engagement Rings

At Object Maker we listen to our clients. We carefully gauge your needs and wants and your budget to ensure your engagement ring is a beautiful representation of your commitment and love. Explore our diverse range of engagement rings to see for yourself.

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a more permanent symbol of your commitment to love and unity. As you'll wear it more often, it demands a greater degree of comfort. Browse our collection of wedding rings and drop by our Sydney studio to explore how we tailor your wedding ring.

Custom Jewellery

This is your opportunity to completely control your jewellery design from your sketches, inspirations from popular designs or in collaboration with our jewellers. It all begins with a conversation to gauge your personal style and leads to a unique piece of jewellery all your own.

We respond quickly to your enquiries

You can expect our jewellers to respond to your enquiries within 24 hours. Typically we'll open our emails early mornings, noon and evenings (the bulk of our work day is, not surprisingly, reserved to the creation of beautiful jewellery pieces!)

Deal Directly With Our Jewellers

One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned business is that you can deal directly with the jeweller. At Object Maker, you're in touch with the craftsman who designs and assembles your jewellery. It's your opportunity to convey your exact needs, inform your jeweller on your unique style, inspirations, and receive expert advice from a specialist.