Absolutely loved our experience with Daniel at Object Maker! My partner wanted to create an engagement ring, and Daniel took the time to help him create something unique and meaningful, including him in the entire process.


Ring Service & Repair


When we are not crafting objects of desire we often get requests to repair vintage or heirloom family rings and pieces.

Every repair and restoration is a different task. So to give you an accurate quote, we will need to either see the item.

Most items would need to be either photographed up close. A photograph in high detail or even better have the item posted to us or delivered. This way we can give an accurate quote. Most
things damage can be repaired.

In the case of repairs that are either too risky to be repaired or it entails a risk of endangering the integrity of the item, we would consult with you.

Repair work is something we are very confident in, and we encourage you to inquire, because if there is a way.

We can usually find a way around a problematic repair.



Resizing is a more routine procedure, but in most cases, we will still need to see the ring or a good quality photograph to assess the task.

A good For example. In the case of a heat sensitive stone (such as amethyst, emerald, pearl, or opal, or other) within a heavy gold setting.

If the ring shank needed to go up, enlarging the shank by more than 5 or 8 sizes, this could pose a risk to the stone.

As another example.

On reducing a multiple -stone ring. With the intention of going down a whole lot or many sizes. This can loosen the settings, posing a risk of the stones diamond’s and have them falling out.

There are many other instances where Jewelry items can be at greater risk during the repair process.

Repair work is something we are confident in, and we encourage you to inquire at our Sydney store.

There is usually a way around a problematic repair.

Engagement Rings

The ritual of promise can be given in so many ways. At Object Maker do our very best to listen and advise our clients and ensure they get the most beautiful representation of that perfect moment. Explore our diverse range of rings, or customise your own with us!

Wedding Rings

After your beautiful moment of engagement, you may well want to get a wedding band to further symbolise your commitments to love and unity. On this site, you will see a few examples to spring some ideas about your special ring to represent your special day.

Custom Jewellery

This is your opportunity to completely control your jewellery design from existing designs or re-creations from your own stones and metals. It all begins with a conversation, where we can share ideas, build a few designs with drawings, balance the budget, and begin making your ring.

We respond quickly to your enquiries

Typically, you can expect to have a jeweller get back to you within 24 hours, depending on workshop duties and the time of day. Breakfast, lunch and evening is when most enquiries are looked at.

Deal Directly With Our Jewellers

One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned jeweller, is that you can very easily deal directly with the jeweller that will be making your item. It’s quite a rare opportunity to talk directly with a manufacturing technician, so it’s a great moment for the customer to convey the exact details of their desired order, get sound advice, and be sure that there are no nasty surprises based on communication breakdowns!

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Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00

After hours & weekend appointments available upon request.

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