Absolutely loved our experience with Daniel. Great service and he can custom make whatever you are looking for. 100% would reccomend if you want a top quality product for a good price.

Daniel Brewer

Custom & Handmade Jewellery

This is your opportunity to completely control your jewellery design, this might include elements from existing designs, re-creations of vintage styles, the use of your own stones or metals. It all begins with a conversation, where we can share ideas, build a few designs with drawings, balance the budget, and begin making your ring.

The Lion & The Maiden

Price From $5300 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum, faturing a 0.50ct pear shaped diamond


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold with diamond or sapphire.     

This lovely sweeping design can hold a beautiful pear shaped stone of most sizes, its characteristic setting type leave it open for some very creative embelishments, or super fine detailing. the wedding band to go with it can be fitted into the angles to accentuate this unique style of asymetrical beauty.



Liquid Stone

Price From $450 AUD

Materials: sterling silver and citrine.  

Designed to house our specialty style of stone cut, the ‘liquid stone’. The stone cut was carefully laid out so light bounces within it sharply like a normal brilliant cut, but as the light reflects out, the cabochon (dome) top bends it into a fluid state. This gives the impression of a moving pool of radiant colour


Price From $6000 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum ring with diamond or sapphire.  

This is one of the more traditional designs in our range, Luna is an easy addition to any jewellery collection. Its simple unnasuming beauty exudes the confidence of hundreds of years in jewellery design. it can be made in any stone size, to suit any occasion with style and beauty


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum engagement ring with your choice of centre diamond or sapphire.     This is our signature solitaire ring. This effortlessly beautiful 6 claw solitaire has a real traditional feel to it, with a touch of modernism. It delicately features a round centre stone, held tight with 6 claws. It has one of object makers signature style sweeping knife edge bands, with a rounded back, and slight round on the inside for comfort.  with a very delicate sweeping knife edge band, that pinches just slightly at the top to meet a strong, and slender six claw setting. This design can also be made with 4 or 8 claw centre setting, and the band can be made in mokume gane should you wish to have it.


Price From $2700 AUD

Materials: hand made platinum or gold engagement ring with a diamond or sapphire stone.    

This smooth setting style is called a bezel setting, it’s a beautiful way to hold your stone tight and be sure it will never catch on anything. With its simply design, it will go with any outfit, and fit a straight wedding band with ease, the perfect ring for everyday wear.


Price From $6600 AUD    

Materials: Madagascar pidgin blood ruby, diamond, platinum or 18ct rose gold band.  

A modern take on an ancient past, this stunning vintage style design is set to dazzle with nostalgic beauty. 

With its hand carved vintage scroll spit shank, and Art deco themed platinum work, this ring will never go out of fashion. the best part is the natural, top shelf ruby held in the centre. a pidgins blood is the term used for the most red you can get a ruby to be, equivalent to a D coloured diamond. It can be made in any finger size to suit, but you also need to know that the ruby is so rare, that it is always subject to availability. So if you love it, get one while we have the stones!


Price From $4300 AUD  

Materials: gold or platinum with diamond. The elegance of this ring is such that it will give you pause; a breathtaking silence in the poetic beauty of promise.

With a gentle double set band, and just the slightest split leading into the centre setting, this ring is sure to fill the silent moments of life with a smile and a sigh.


Price From $3200 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum engagement ring with a diamond or sapphire solitaire.  

That ring is an absolutely stunning way to give a promise, it’s got the most simple design, with complex possibilities.

We made sure that you could easily fit a variety of stone types on it, including other shapes, and that yo could add diamonds should you wish.


Price From $440 AUD

Materials: sterling silver and garnet wedding, engagement or just because you want to ring. 

Its bold style, and plain surface give way to the brightly reflective canvas that will have you admiring it all throughout the day. And every so often the sun will catch your subtly set dark centre cabochon garnet to release this radiant inner luminescence. Only you will see it, only you will know it, only you will love it.

Open the magic of the rune to the Doctor Strange in your life.


Price From $3500 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold, with diamond or sapphire. This style of setting was commonly reserved for pressure setting alone, but in order for the pressure to adequately hold the diamond, the ring needed to be super thick and heavy. We have gone ahead and made a little seat for the stone, so it can be made much lighter, but still have that almost floating diamond feel to it. the deep comfort curve on the inside, and light barrel profile on the outside make for an unobtrusive, beautiful, and comfortable addition to any jewellery collection.


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold banded engagement ring, with a diamond or sapphire.

Named after the Goddess of light, this simply beautiful radiant starlight is all that’s needed for a gentle, loving proposal. With its four claw archway setting off a central diamond, and tapered band . this ring is designed to hold the light of love forever and a day.


Price $3500-15000 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold, with Argyle lot number pink diamond ring,  or white diamond ring with pink sapphire.

Despite its rich colour, this little beauty is quite small, and has a gentle suggestion of colour either side of a nice white stone. It can be made with pink sapphire, or Pink diamond of your choice. Pink diamonds are getting more and more rare every day. we wanted to showcase even the smallest of the pink diamonds with this lovely three stone claw set, its got a strong setting style while having the absolute minimum metal contact so you don’t miss out on any of that Pink!


Price From $2000 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold, with diamond or sapphire engagement or aniversarry ring.

Youthful minimalism is all the range right now, we thought to produce a lovely little ring that won’t break the bank, but still has that proposal feel to it. What a gentle and beautiful way to share a surprise. the centre stone is no more than a 0.25ct diamond, with a fine sweeping shank, this ring will be a little star tinkle in the eyes of anyone who has the pleasure of owning it.



Price From $6000 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold ring, with diamond or sapphire.

Suitable for engagement or anniversary.

You cant get much more classic than that of a rising shank, covered in micro 4 claw set diamonds, holding a hunking great rock in the centre.

This total gobsmacking beauty is set to dazzle the beholders, and enthrall the wearer with proud onus and prosperity. If you love a big sparkle feel, we have you sorted out. The name Rai means monarch, because this is in the royal family of rings, fit for the bold mind, and loving heart.



Price From $3300 AUD

Materials: platinum and 18ct rose gold engagement ring, with an absolutely stunning Australian green sapphire as a solitaire.

Suitable for an Engagement or special occasion.

Give your loved one the green of the emerald isle with this dazzling piece. 

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