Object Maker are true artists. They created a one-of-a-kind ringĀ  that is simply stunning. I couldn’t be happier! They’re the best!

Marc Enners

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281 Clarence Street Sydney


0430 412 700

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Beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for that special moment. Tailor-made to your specific desires and to your budget.

Wedding Bands

Designed for lasting memories and every day wear. Comfortable, stunning and made to any specification.

Silver Rose

Propose with a unique silver rose and trade it in later for the ring of your dreams. An unforgettable to promise your love.


A beautiful way to show off spectacular stones. Match your pendants with custom earrings or rings at Object Maker.

We respond quickly to your enquiries

You can expect our jewellers to respond to your enquiries within 24 hours. Typically we'll open our emails early mornings, noon and evenings (the bulk of our work day is, not surprisingly, reserved to the creation of beautiful jewellery pieces!)

Deal Directly With Our Jewellers

One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned business is that you can deal directly with the jeweller. At Object Maker, you're in touch with the craftsman who designs and assembles your jewellery. It's your opportunity to convey your exact needs, inform your jeweller on your unique style, inspirations, and receive expert advice from a specialist.