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Customise your ring

Custom jewellery is quite literally as broad as yours, and our imagination combined, but instead of chatting aimlessly for an indefinite period, let’s start with some specifics so you know what WE need to know in order to give you the best service we can muster. Our design brief will educate both you and us as to where we begin, you don’t need to fill in everything, just the stuff that seems most import, and logical.

Once we know what you want, we can make an appointment to chat further, and begin designing. If you are worried about not knowing what you are getting, you can feel safe to know that we are happy to educate you on diamonds, sapphires, or other precious stones, and the suitable metals to use to ensure you fully control both design and budget. Educated decisions are the best way for us to keep you comfortable!

We also take care of the part relating good quality manufacturing, and ensure you can wear it for 25—30 years or more!

Request a design brief

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We will provide 3 designs to choose from, once you choose a design from the 3, we provide 2 amendments should you need it.

A deposit is required to start the order

Completion time is based on how busy we are, but you can safely assume 3 weeks from
deposit date.

That service is entirely complimentary if you are serious about moving ahead with the order,
any further designing from the initial 3 and 2 amendments will incur charges.

Note also that the designs are hand drawings, any 3d generated designs come at an upfront charge.

Request a design brief

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The Process


This can come in a variety of ways. Normally it is where either an existing object Maker stock design is chosen and customised to the correct proposed dimensions. Or ideas from another source are provided and a whole new design is drawn up.



this is where resolving the finer details after design is made up. It begins with education to ensure clients are confident in their choices. It includes things like, stone sizes, stone type, metal type, finger size, budget, timeline of production, and so on. It’s the nitty gritty bit of getting what you want.


This is the day you get to see that twinkling new beauty, glimmer from within a nice shiny presentation box. And you can breath a good sigh of relief because we totally got it exactly right for you 😉

We respond quickly to your enquiries

You can expect our jewellers to respond to your enquiries within 24 hours. Typically we'll open our emails early mornings, noon and evenings (the bulk of our work day is, not surprisingly, reserved to the creation of beautiful jewellery pieces!)

Deal Directly With Our Jewellers

One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned business is that you can deal directly with the jeweller. At Object Maker, you're in touch with the craftsman who designs and assembles your jewellery. It's your opportunity to convey your exact needs, inform your jeweller on your unique style, inspirations, and receive expert advice from a specialist.