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Wedding band experience

If you have ever wanted to get involved in the process of actually making your partners ring, here is your chance. It’s a super romantic way to show that special someone that you can get down and dirty in the workshop for a little extra sentimentality. Whouldnt it ge so awesome to know that you and your partner went ahead and made each others wedding bands? Don’t worry about stuffing anything up, you have a dedicated jeweller on hand to help you through the whole process. We even take photos throughout to ensure you get a full memento album to cherish.

Participation in the experience can be fully controlled by you, purchase by the hour.Rings take 1-4 hours to complete (sometimes longer, but you can leave it with us to set stones or other complex tasks).

1 hour – $200
2 hours – $350
3 hours – $500
4 hours – $650

Fitted wedding band

One thing that’s often overlooked is how a wedding band is going to fit up against the engagement ring (if they are going to be worn at the same time). If the engagement ring does not sit flush to a straight wedding band, then you might want to thinking about using our fitting service to close those gaps. Fitting costs vary depending on the hours it will take to complete.
9 times out of 10 we will need to make the wedding band, customising existing wedding bands can prove to be problematic and invariably end up needing to be replaced! Fitting costs are additional to the ring, you can estimate between $100-$400 for fitting, depending on complexity. Request our design brief to allow us to know exactly what you are looking for, be sure to attach high resolution photos of your ring for us to inspect.

Request a design brief

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Finger print engraving

If you have even wanted a more abstracted version of representing your partner than
normal script engraving, then here is your chance! We can actually hand or laser engrave
yours or your partners finger print on the inside or outside of your ring. It’s a pretty neat
way of making sure their hand is always touching yours!

Laser engraving is $200-$300
Hand engraving is $400-$600

Script Hand or laser engraving – scroll or script

The traditional use of engraving has typically comprised of a message and wedding date on
the couples wedding bands, normally on the inside, and sometimes scroll detailing has been

done on the outside for a bit more vintage flare. With the advent of modern tech, we can
now quite affordably laser engrave any details on any metal, inside or out. We can still do
hand engraving, and it does last a bit longer, and look a little nicer, but you get a bit more
added cost for the craftsmanship.

Using your own stones
This can be done
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Using your own gold
This also can be done

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Photo album of ring making journey (journey book)
Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit more added to your custom ring making experience,
and we have sought to give you a little more on the intriguing side to this awesome and
ancient craft of jewellery making. The journey book is simply a photographic journey on the
making of your ring, it will bring you close to the action so you can see just how much is
involved in bringing ideas to life!

Normally it consists of a 20-30 page booklet, starting from the raw materials, right up to the
finished product. It is printed locally.

First copy is $200, and all others are $35-$50 depending on the print quality you request.

High resolution photographs of rings
If you would like to use any high resolution picks of your rings for use on digital or physical
invites, valuations, or any other purpose, we are happy to oblige.

Its $200 per image, fully edited for use, and there is no minimum or maximum amount of
photos you can get.

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Choose from a wide variety of ring designs content needed

Engagement Rings

At Object Maker we listen to our clients. We carefully gauge your needs and wants and your budget to ensure your engagement ring is a beautiful representation of your commitment and love. Explore our diverse range of engagement rings to see for yourself.

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a more permanent symbol of your commitment to love and unity. As you'll wear it more often, it demands a greater degree of comfort. Browse our collection of wedding rings and drop by our Sydney studio to explore how we tailor your wedding ring.

Custom Jewellery

This is your opportunity to completely control your jewellery design from your sketches, inspirations from popular designs or in collaboration with our jewellers. It all begins with a conversation to gauge your personal style and leads to a unique piece of jewellery all your own.

We respond quickly to your enquiries

You can expect our jewellers to respond to your enquiries within 24 hours. Typically we'll open our emails early mornings, noon and evenings (the bulk of our work day is, not surprisingly, reserved to the creation of beautiful jewellery pieces!)

Deal Directly With Our Jewellers

One of the primary benefits of approaching a family owned business is that you can deal directly with the jeweller. At Object Maker, you're in touch with the craftsman who designs and assembles your jewellery. It's your opportunity to convey your exact needs, inform your jeweller on your unique style, inspirations, and receive expert advice from a specialist.