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Australian Sapphires – A truly one of a kind gemstone

Australian sapphires are a very unique precious stone to the world. Like diamonds, Australian sapphires come in a variety of colours, hues and quality. With respect to quality, when an Australian sapphire is deemed worthy to be made into a custom jewellery piece, it is well and truly a genuine original. You won’t find another sapphire jewel like it.

Australian Sapphires come in many beautiful, radiant colours
A great many quality sapphires originate from the Australian soil. They come in many colours, from the iridescent golden sapphire, to light white sapphire, the deeply beautiful dark blue sapphire, the evening emerald-coloured green sapphire, the multi-hued party sapphire, the radiant pink sapphire, and the wonderfully dreamy teal blue sapphire.

Australian Sapphires are ideally suited for stunning engagement rings
Engagement rings can be made more unique with the use of colour, as each precious stone’s colour is truly unique, which ensures your engagement ring will stand out and will be the envy of all who get a glimpse of it. As it’s a one of a kind, you won’t be able to directly compare it to another piece of jewellery; it won’t be better or worse, it will simply be different in its own special, exquisitely beautiful way.

A unique piece of custom jewellery every time
Cut perfectly, a flawless Australia Sapphire with a consistent colour is a site to behold. As a precious stone, you won’t find it in direct competition with any other gem. It is simply unique. Now that’s something you will never get with diamonds unless you go for a pink diamond (where beautiful variations exist also!)

Why so do sapphires come in so many colours?
Why, you might ask, do sapphires come in so many differing colours and qualities? In its perfect state, with no oxide exposure, sapphires will be clear and white when cut into a gem. The Australian sapphire colours change because of exposure to aluminium oxide and other prolonged conditions like heat and pressure. These types of sapphires are called “corundum,” and they’re often used in jewellery as a more affordable white stone option to diamond jewellery.

Sapphires are often full of colour stripes when they first come to the surface. With heat treatment, Object Maker’s master jewellers can expand the colour bands and give the stone a better, more consistent hue. Jewellers do not consider heat treatments an enhancement as the practice mimics the activity found in the natural world through volcanic processes.

Australian Sapphires – one of the best kept secrets in jewellery
Australian sapphires have carried for years the unenviable reputation of solely yielding dark to black stones; and as such, have been shunned by some in the mainstream jewellery trade.

This is a myth. Australian Sapphires come in many colours and hues and are increasingly used by custom jewellers with a keen eye, to enhance diamond jewellery, engagement rings, wedding rings, and a host of other jewels.

Stunningly beautiful jewellery at lower prices than you’d expect!
As Australian Sapphires are still a well-kept secret, you can the same quality of stone in an Australian sapphire at a much lower price than a sapphire from another country. It’s not only a great buy in terms of price to beauty ratio, but it also a potentially great investment as these amazing local gemstones are likely to increase in popularity as they become more known, which in turn will raise their value in the long term.

Australian Sapphires are unique. Your jewellery should be too!
For one of kind custom jewellery trust Object Maker. We craft beautiful Australian sapphire engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants and so much more. Join un in our atelier to design your very own sapphire ring; a beautiful ring you’ll remember as you’ll have taken an active part in fashioning it to perfection!

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