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So, you’ve found that special someone and are ready to propose? Congratulations! It’s an important moment in your life and we are here to make it more enjoyable!

Choosing an engagement ring can be daunting, but fear not, we’re here to help. We’ve worked with diamonds and other precious stones for many years and are well versed in this trade. That is why we find ourselves educating clients on the various varieties of diamonds, precious stones, and on the intricacies of sound ring design, to make sure our clients get the design they want with the most appropriate stones and materials to suit their needs and budget.

In need of inspiration? Take a look at our galleries to find examples of our past work or make your way to our custom jewellery section to design your very own ring!

Ruby – a rare, beautiful gem

The ruby is one of the most sought-after gemstones on the planet. With dwindling resources, it is getting rarer by the day.

Rubies, like sapphires, comes in many forms. Like Sapphires, rubies are also corundum, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide (a rock forming mineral), typically found with traces of iron, titanium, vanadium and chromium. Rubies in their pure crystal state under the influence of aluminium oxide turn red instead of any other colour – and thus are known the world over as rubies.

The gemstone of love

Rubies have been used for generations to enhance engagement rings, wedding rings, and all forms of jewellery adornments. Traditionally the stone of love, ruby jewellery is an obvious candidate when selecting appropriate precious stones for an engagement ring proposal.

The lower end of the ruby quality spectrum
When it comes to ruby jewellery, there are significant variations in quality. At the lower end of the spectrum, the rubies resemble broken glass with a hint of pink colouring thrown in. These lower quality rubies can be purchased en masse for the price of a cup of coffee with the right supplier. The resulting jewellery is predominantly used in mass production and seasonal wear.

The pinnacle of ruby jewellery – the Pigeon Blood Ruby!

Custom jewellery should last a lifetime. As you’re entering into a lifelong commitment to a ruby adorned ring, we recommend choosing a bright, deep red ruby.

Rubies come in a variety of hues, but the most prestigious and highly sought after is called the pigeon’s blood ruby, as it is thought to resemble the brightness of fresh pigeon’s blood. As marketing names go, it may not convey the most jovial of feelings, but we don’t make the rules on colour titles. It’s certainly a striking jewel sure to standout in any setting.

Where to find the Pigeon Blood Ruby

You can find rubies in many parts of the globe, but two places in particular are famous for the beauty of their rubies. These two places yield the world’s best pigeon blood, and you can discern their provenance by the ruby’s hue.

Burmese and Madagascar rubies

The most famous are Burmese rubies. They are characterised by a lighter, brighter red, as though sunlight shines directly onto it, even in a dark room.  The other rubies are from Madagascar. They are of a deeper red with an earthy feel and a beautiful brooding storm of crimson within the stone.

Rubies are unique and beautiful. Make one your own at Object Maker with our wedding band experience today.

Pink Diamonds – Unique and beautiful gemstones in every way

Pink diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, as they’ll turn a classic jewellery piece into a marvellous, unique keepsake. Each pink diamond is slightly different. Each precious stone even has a different grading system than the one governing white diamonds. As investments go, pink diamonds unique properties can add a certain cache as you won’t find another gemstone like it.

Pink diamonds are highly sought after

Pink diamonds are one of the most highly prized diamonds on the planet. At Object Maker we’re especially fond of them as we’ve created some spectacular jewellery creations.

Beyond pink diamonds, these precious stones come me in a great variety of colours, including:

  • purple diamonds,
  • blue diamonds,
  • green diamonds,
  • orange diamonds,
  • chocolate diamonds,
  • black diamonds,
  • champagne diamonds, and of course
  • white diamonds.

With pink diamonds, it’s about the colour of the gem

Diamonds are extremely popular in engagement rings. You’ll also find them adorning wedding rings, and all forms of gold and platinum jewellery. The highest value stones are attributed their value based on their colour, and not so much on clarity. With white diamonds, the size and the clarity that will impact the price. With pink diamonds, their value is very much tied to the colour of the stone first and foremost with size coming in second as the evaluation criteria of choice. (That being said, if a large, brightly coloured, high clarity pink diamond is unearthed, then it’s a one-off marvel sure to reach stunning prices!)

The pink diamond – the ultimate complimentary stone

Pink diamonds are often used sparingly as small stones to enhance a jewel, as in a halo surrounding a large white diamond for instance. Or they might be used as the two side stones in a three-stone eternity ring. Larger pink diamonds (any stone over 1ct) can feature as solitary gem showcasing its magnificent colour.

Your pink diamond engagement ring is waiting for you at Object Maker

Each pink diamond is unique. No two stones are identical. Let Object Maker craft a one-of-a-kind pink diamond ring that will stand out from the standard fare found at everyday jewellers. Create your very own pink diamond ring with Object Maker’s wedding band experience. Inquire in studio or contact us today.

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