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Picking Your Engagement Ring

So, you’ve found that special someone and are ready to propose? Congratulations! It’s an important moment in your life and we are here to make it more enjoyable!

Choosing an engagement ring can be daunting, but fear not, we’re here to help. We’ve worked with diamonds and other precious stones for many years and are well versed in this trade. That is why we find ourselves educating clients on the various varieties of diamonds, precious stones, and on the intricacies of sound ring design, to make sure our clients get the design they want with the most appropriate stones and materials to suit their needs and budget.

In need of inspiration? Take a look at engagement rings Sydney cbd galleries to find examples of our past work or make your way to our custom jewellery section to design your very own ring!


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum engagement ring with your choice of centre diamond or sapphire.     This is our signature solitaire ring. This effortlessly beautiful 6 claw solitaire has a real traditional feel to it, with a touch of modernism. It delicately features a round centre stone, held tight with 6 claws. It has one of object makers signature style sweeping knife edge bands, with a rounded back, and slight round on the inside for comfort.  with a very delicate sweeping knife edge band, that pinches just slightly at the top to meet a strong, and slender six claw setting. This design can also be made with 4 or 8 claw centre setting, and the band can be made in mokume gane should you wish to have it.


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold with diamond or sapphire.     

This lovely sweeping design can hold a beautiful pear shaped stone of most sizes, its characteristic setting type leave it open for some very creative embelishments, or super fine detailing. the wedding band to go with it can be fitted into the angles to accentuate this unique style of asymetrical beauty.




Price From $2700 AUD

Materials: hand made platinum or gold engagement ring with a diamond or sapphire stone.    

This smooth setting style is called a bezel setting, it’s a beautiful way to hold your stone tight and be sure it will never catch on anything. With its simply design, it will go with any outfit, and fit a straight wedding band with ease, the perfect ring for everyday wear.


Price From $6000 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum ring with diamond or sapphire.  

This is one of the more traditional designs in our range, Luna is an easy addition to any jewellery collection. Its simple unnasuming beauty exudes the confidence of hundreds of years in jewellery design. it can be made in any stone size, to suit any occasion with style and beauty


Price From $4300 AUD  

Materials: gold or platinum with diamond. The elegance of this ring is such that it will give you pause; a breathtaking silence in the poetic beauty of promise.

With a gentle double set band, and just the slightest split leading into the centre setting, this ring is sure to fill the silent moments of life with a smile and a sigh.


Price From $2500 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold banded engagement ring, with a diamond or sapphire.

Named after the Goddess of light, this simply beautiful radiant starlight is all that’s needed for a gentle, loving proposal. With its four claw archway setting off a central diamond, and tapered band . this ring is designed to hold the light of love forever and a day.


Price From $3200 AUD

Materials: gold or platinum engagement ring with a diamond or sapphire solitaire.  

That ring is an absolutely stunning way to give a promise, it’s got the most simple design, with complex possibilities.

We made sure that you could easily fit a variety of stone types on it, including other shapes, and that yo could add diamonds should you wish.


Price From $3500 AUD

Materials: platinum or gold custom ring, with a diamond or sapphire.  Some of our finest aesthetics in sculpture come from ancient Greece. This ring is a combination of architecture and sculpture.

The pillars hold a platform so a beautiful maiden can hold up the light of your promise. its an innocent celebration of the purity in human form, and culture in giving off ones all, to balance the love and light of the family.

Choose from our collections… Or design your own ring!

Silver Rose

Propose with a silver rose and design your own ring with our master jeweller in our studio at a later date. A unique and unforgettable way to propose!


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