Dan made my wife’s eternity ring, she was ecstatic so much so that we are getting her wedding ring re-made, great service very transparent, on time and just a very pleasant experience.

Mirko Nad

Welcome to Object Maker

Artisans of fine jewellery and bespoke objects that make a statement, we work with clients on an individual basis to ensure quality of service and product.

Our work is not mass produced. It is made in Australia to the highest standards using traditional craftsmanship and adding modern technologies where these can be incorporated to realize truly original concepts.

Most items are made to order at the request of the client—whether based on a design in one of our collections or a new design developed through a process of consultation with the client to provide a totally unique work of art made with rare skill and materials.

Daniel Cap

We respond quickly to your enquiries

You can expect our jewellers to respond to your enquiries within 24 hours. Typically we'll open our emails early mornings, noon and evenings (the bulk of our work day is, not surprisingly, reserved to the creation of beautiful jewellery pieces!)

The Story Of Object Maker

Object Maker is a young company that combines the skills of a variety of classically trained artisans to bring a fresh approach to one of the most ancient crafts. We produce pieces of the highest quality that are designed to be valued today and for generations to come.

We believe that every piece of jewellery has a specific meaning. As well as tangible value inherent in material and craftsmanship, we also recognize the importance of emotional and intangible worth. Our design philosophy is intended imbue these values into gems and jewellery to crystalize special moments into the timelessness of promise.

This aim could be realized in many different forms to capture a memory of significance. In each case, the design should be appropriate to the intent of the owner and informed by the traditional science of talismans.

Throughout history, jewels have been used to represent emotional (and sometimes legal) commitments as well as to enhance the sense of personal mission and presence. A specific purpose could be embodied as a jacket pin honouring heroic service, a ring of engagement, a crown of power, a ring of purity, an item commemorating a coming of age, an object of special religious significance, a signet of high office, or a symbol for any type of commitment.

These are not complex concepts—we all understand them intuitively. Object Maker seeks to bring them to awareness in order to define with greater intent the relationship between people and their significant jewels and objects of inherent worth.

It is all about honour, enshrined in beauty, and held within a form that is treasured for the value it holds.

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